10 Best X-Files Episodes to Get You in the Mood for the New Season

The TV show which changed the way we think of Sci-fi on TV, X-Files, returns to our screens Monday 5th February on Channel 5. With Gillian Anderson officially announcing series 11 will be her last stint as Scully, it’s our last chance to see iconic duo, Mulder and Scully, team up to find out if the truth really is out there. To help you prepare for whatever spooky antics the pair get up to, we’ve put together the very best X-files for you to reopen, all available on Amazon Prime Video, along with every other episode from seasons 1 – 10. Here they are, in no particular order…

Pilot (Series 1, episode 1)

The episode which introduced us to a fresh-faced Fox Mulder and an even fresher-faced Dana Scully, Pilot sees a young FBI agent assigned watchdog duty over a fellow agent, but finds herself drawn into his investigations of paranormal and unexplained phenomena.

Squeeze (Series 1, episode 3)

The first of the ‘monster of the week’ episodes, Squeeze followed a serial killer who could squeeze through any space – no matter how small. The ‘monster’ was so popular, he returned in a follow-up episode later in the series.

Clyde Buckman’s Final Response (Series 3, episode 4)

Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders of psychics and fortune tellers. They team up with Clyde Buckman who, much to his chagrin, can predict how people die. The episode was such a hit, it won Emmys for drama writing and guest actor for Peter Boyle.

Home (Series 4, episode 2)

This X-file was so terrifying that after its first airing, FOX declared it would never air the episode again! Mulder and Scully face a family of inbred killers. Not only that, but the brothers have kept their disfigured and limbless mother secreted under an upstairs bed…

The Post-modern Prometheus (Series 5, episode 5)

The odd show got even odder as it aired an episode entirely in black and white. Inspired by Frankenstein, Mulder and Scully receive a letter from a single mother which leads them to a small-western town where they come across a modern-day Frankenstein and a Cher concert.

Bad Blood (Series 5, episode 12)

Mulder and Scully each recount the way they remember a case they have just returned from which saw them exploring the deaths of cattle killed by a series of blood extractions. Scully thinks it’s a case of someone gone mad. Mulder, of course, thinks it’s vampires.

Jose Chung’s From Outer Space (Series 3, episode 20)

Another odd and slapstick episode, Jose Chung’s From Outer Space tells the story of an alien abduction from the point of view of the two teenagers who were abducted. The accounts prompt a science-fiction novelist to write a book, but no one involved seems to be able to recount the story accurately

Never Again (Series 4, episode 13)

Scully becomes disillusioned with her life and heads off to Philadelphia. She meets the charming Ed Jersey who convinces her to get a tattoo and spent the night at his apartment. Scully soon finds out Ed is being controlled by his murderous tattoo and Scully’s new ink may also turn against her.

Small Potatoes (Series 4, episode 20)

A small-town janitor who has a vestigial tail and ability to shape shift uses his powers to dupe women into having sex with him, thus fathering a handful of children with tails. When Mulder and Scully get called onto the case, Eddie begins impersonating Mulder, which leads to a hilarious critical examination of Mulder’s lifestyle.

Detour (Series 5, episode 4)

A creepy monster can camouflage himself seamlessly into his surroundings. When Mulder and Scully go searching for him and get lost in the forest, they spend the night wondering if they will live to see the morning.

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