‘V’ Short Film Review: Affecting and Brooding Modern Vampire Story

Minnie (Synnøve Karlsen) is a teenage vampire. She spends her days in her small flat, drinking blood from a bottle, occasionally venturing out to do some shopping and find a new victim. As the camera follows her going about her daily routine, she talks about her life, her past and things that have left their mark on her.

Jimmy Dean’s film is often humorous, contrasting the trappings of the vampire mythos with the relatable concerns of a teenage girl. She talks of her gratitude for still being able to look into a mirror to see her reflection for makeup. There is however a great, subtle sadness to the character, who was unable even to visit her dying mother in hospital.

The story is full of mysteries. How long as Minnie occupied this flat? Old pictures and dated technology imply it may have been a while. She alludes to characters and events that have clearly impacted on her life with many details left vague. Minnie’s morality is interesting. Though she hunts and kills she is also a victim and very relatable.

Minnie is portrayed with fabulous naturalism by Synnøve Karlsen, who makes the character relatable even in her darkest moments. It’s a very assured performance that adds great gravitas to the film. It’s also beautifully shot, with an eye for detail that fills the film with life.

V is a well considered and innovative with a fantastic lead performance. It’s an interesting take on the Vampire story and a very engaging character study.

Four Stars

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