The Clones Cast – Soul Brothers of Kung Fu (1977)

Soul Brothers of Kung Fu (1977)

Have a glass of the good stuff. In this episode we talk the 1977 Soul Brothers of Kung Fu, starring Bruce Li, Lo Meng, Carl Scott, and Ku Feng.

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Matthew Whitaker

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  1. A very fun listen, thanks for the new episode! These are always a pleasure to hear, keep it up!

    The music in this movie was robbed from other movies including The Day of the Dolphin (which goes well with end of the Lo Meng-Bruce Li fight, and the ending of the movie I assume gets broadcast on TV in Mississippi) and Rocky (in the ‘good ending’)

    The Big Boss 2 uses Duel At Diablo in the opening credits. The nunchuku guy (Cheung Nick) from the ‘Candle’ floor in Enter The Game Of Death plays a weird Jackie Chan clone – listed in the credits as Jacky Chang – and while displaying initial charm, his character is brutally shunted off screen with an eerie absence of any of the humour that made the real Jackie Chan so popular. Although, as pointed out by a review on an old Brucesploitation website, there is gallows humour in the character’s hat somehow remaining on his head even after his body is strung up upside-down. However, my favourite thing about this movie is the doubling down on cliches in every scene.

    In one minute of screentime:
    Bolo (sporting Japanese ‘geta’ combined with a bizarre Hitler moustache) shoots Dragon Lee in the leg, then blows smoke from the tip of his revolver!
    The Dragon Lee character is somehow able to escape from a gang of pursuers by turning a corner, then hides behind (ad then in) a conveniently-sized garbage rickshaw (?) cart, aided by a equally conveniently-placed perfect stranger, who own said cart. Two of the Japanese villains stop the rickshaw guy, eyeing up the cart suspiciously, while the rickshaw owner adopts mannerisms and shiftiness akin my dog when it is being questioned about the disappearance of food from low-lying table tops. They then, suddenly and spontaneously, decide to NOT search it, saying ‘It stinks!’ while one character physically holds his nose between thumb and forefinger! As the rickshaw guy leaves, he does a big ‘Phew!’ on camera, wiping sweat away from his brow with the back of his hand.

    Countless cliches on display in just 1 minute of film time!

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