The Clones Cast – Fist of Fury Part II (1977)

Fist of Fury Part II (1977)

Matthew and Michael cover Fist of Fury Part II (1977). Same old story of those darn Japanese and that darn school that makes them so mad!!

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2 Replies to “The Clones Cast – Fist of Fury Part II (1977)

  1. It’s definetly a “Way” still at the beginning. Just as in New Fist of Fury, the flashback stills to Chen Zhen are actually from Enter the Dragon!

  2. Hi here’s Marco, the german guy. I was a bit dissapointed that Mathew didn’t red my Massage at the last clone cast. So this is my next try. I have two questions.

    1. I was sad about the fact that your Youtube watch Party didn’t worked out the way it suppossed to be. I was so excited about the Event and then the whole thing was shut down by Youtube after 5 minutes because of legal/rights issues. Could you try to make another watch Party but with a film that doesn’t make such Problems ?

    2. I have an idea for your next Podcast. I think Mathew likes the Films, which are about a Bruce Lee Book. So There are two films left and they are a “rip of” of each other… It’s a really funny thing. I talk about “Fist Of Vengeance” with Bruce Le and “They Call Him Bruce Lee” with Bruce Ly a.k.a. Rey Malonzo.

    Please read this massage at your next podcast


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