The Clones Cast – Return of Fist of Fury (1977)

Bruce and the Shaolin Kung Fu 2 (1978)

The third in the something-gy (think trilogy). This should be “Bruce and the Shaolin Kung Fu 3”, but instead it is “Return of Fist of Fury”, Bruce Pak is our Bruce, and he is bad.

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One Reply to “The Clones Cast – Return of Fist of Fury (1977)”

  1. Hi guys, nice podcast about ”Return Of Fist Of Fury”. I have to things say.

    1. You may not know, but there is another one with Bruce Pak (Tony Kwok) and the general. Released in the same year as ”Return Of Fist Of Fury” with title ”Four Infernos To Cross”. Why I mention it?
    Because in this one Tony also fighting like Bruce Lee.

    2. I always searching for rare and unknown Bruceploitation films and now I found a great one. Jeet Kune Do (2010) with the clone Dragon Chen and the great Bruce Leong. It’s about a father (kung fu teacher, Bruce Leong) and his son (Dragon Chen) who gets in an argument. Leong want to teach his son the family style, but his son is obsessed with Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do, even immitates Lee. Chen goes to an tournament to fight another Bruce clone. On his journey, people try to teach him the true meanings of Jeet Kune Do. That it is not only a kung fu style and for sure not the immitation of Bruce Lee.
    It’s a great film, but sadly very unknown. But it deseves a potcast.

    You can find it here:

    I could’t find a better version, but it has english subtitles.

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