LFF 2019 ‘Bombay Rose’ Review: An Animated Dream of India

In stunningly expressive animation we are shown the lives of various inhabitants of Bombay. A young woman tries to earn a ticket to Dubai from a gangster, a young man dreams of becoming his Bollywood idol, and an aging starlet reflects on it all. These stories and more unfold amidst fantasies and digressions.

The animation style is at once simple but rich in detail. The movements of people and traffic are perfectly observed. It’s brightly coloured and very elegant in its motion. It does a terrific job of invoking the great Indian City. The music is also beautiful and creates a rich soundscape.

The effect of moving from one story to the next is that the narrative may feel unfocused but creates an impression of lives interlinked. Some of the stories may feel cliched but this is an entirely new way of experiencing them. It’s a cinematic treat.

Four Stars

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