5 Things that are Stranger than ‘Stranger Things’

With the excitement building for the follow-up to one of the most fun horror tales to ever hit Netflix – Stranger Things, I offer up for your consideration: 5 Things that are Stranger than Stranger Things

5. The OA

Not widely loved, but I thought it was awesome. Brit Marling is quirky, cute, and completely fucking nuts. Plot: After disappearing for seven years, a blind woman resurfaces in an online video where she jumps from the Golden Gate Bridge. She lives, only now she can see, has an aversion to touch, is scarred up, and full of secrets. Great cast, including Phyllis from The Office (US), and that dickhead Tavington from The Patriot. Worth a binge.

4. Crazyhead

Crazyhead is an award-winning British comedy-horror series created by Misfits creator Howard Overman. It is a mix of Buffy, sprinkled with Misfits, with a touch of The Fades. Expertly lead by Cara Theobold and Susan Wokomo, it is zany, sexy, scary, and just fucking ridiculous. Well worth your time.

3. Legion

Set in the X-men universe, Matthew (Dan Stevens) from Downton Abbey is BACK, except now he is the most powerful mutant in the world. Bored yet? I would be if that is what this series was about. It is not about that. This show is a serious mindfuck of creative characters, dreamy scenes, creepy monsters. It even has Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords sometimes in a 60s lounge suit, other times in an old-timey sea-exploration suit. Special shoutout to Amber Midthunder whose character Kerry KICKS SO MUCH ASS!!!

2. Sense8

Netflix says: “A group of people around the world are suddenly linked mentally, and must find a way to survive being hunted by those who see them as a threat to the world’s order.”

And ok, that is true, but…allow me. Ok, this is a TV show where a Nairobian bus driver called Capheus, drives a bus called the Van Damn complete with a painting of JCVD on the side, and there is a scene where the van goes into a side glide and the painted foot of JCVD kicks a man in the face. Also, lots of hot people, like the whole cast is gorgeous people. There is a Korean woman (Doona Bae) who kicks more ass than Bruce Lee. I could spend pages describing how badass each and every main character is. It is FUCKING wonderful. Tons of nudity, and hacking, and body swapping, and drug taking, and booze consuming, explosions, and so much BLOOOOOD. It was one of the best things ever on television.

1. Twin Peak: The Return

No television show in the history of the WORLD has pulled off what David Lynch and Mark Frost have with Twin Peaks: The Return. They took the best cheesy, campy, small-town crime-drama elements of the original series, and injected the very best of the bizarre, fucked up, screaming brain elements of Fire Walk With Me. It is a true marriage of the best of both. It was breathtaking at times, and seriously WTF at others. It was a family reunion of characters I have known and loved since 1990 and brought them back with style and flair. This could have been a complete cluster-fuck waste of time. Instead, it was a piece of art so encompassing that there were moments I had to pinch myself that I was actually experiencing it.

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