The Clones Cast – The Clones of Bruce Lee (1981) – Ep #29

It is Bruceploitation of Bruceploitation. We have 4 Bruces in this bad boy, plus mad scientist Jon Benn, Bolo, and metal warriors who love the bud! Have a listen as we talk “The Clones of Bruce Lee”!

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2 Replies to “The Clones Cast – The Clones of Bruce Lee (1981) – Ep #29

  1. Hi, guys,

    It’s Marco of Germany.

    First of all thanks for the great podcast about’ ‘The Clones of Bruce Lee”. It’s really fun listening to you guys. Michael, you couldn’t remember the title of the other movie Bruce Thai was playing. It’s ”Fearless Master” a. k. a. ”Fearless Hyena 3” (As a reminder, the first two ”Fearless Hyena” movies are with Jackie Chan). Thai plays a Bruce Lee character and a guy named Jackie Chen plays a Jackie character. But the movie’s not that good.

    I’m glad you’re talking about ”Enter Three Dragons” a. k. a. ”Dragon on Fire” in the next episode. The movie is actually a bit better than ‘Clones of Bruce Lee”’, but the plot is so complicated because of all the possible Bruce Lee’s that it distracts from the otherwise entertaining movie. And I think it’s a pity that Dragon Lee has not much screen time compared to the other actors and also only intervenes in the finale at the last minutes. Nevertheless, these few minutes of the final fight have fascinated me the most. An eternally tough fight and then comes Dragon Lee, full of energy and just destroys the ”Big Boss” with his ”Over The Top” Bruce Lee Moves.

    In the German dubbing, the whole ‘Who’s the real Bruce Lee” thing was made even more complicated.
    There’s the real Bruce Lee (played by Dragon Lee), the Bruce Lee replacement Dragon Lei (played by Bruce Lai / Chang il Do), the fake Bruce Lee replacement Bruce Lei (played by another Bruce Lai a. k. a. Bruce Number 3). Dragon Lei (Chang il Do), who reveals himself to be not the real Bruce Lee, suddenly becomes Cheng Lee, Bruce Lee’s brother.

    I tell you, the first time I saw this movie, I ran around for hours with a question mark in my head. By now, as you can see, I understood all that.

    I hope you do, too.

    Best regards Marco

    1. Hi, it’s me again. Marco

      I forget something to tell. It’s about the re-use of some footage from the two films ”The Clones of Bruce Lee” and ”Enter the three Dragons”. In the Dragon Lee Film ”Big Boss 2” you can see the night fight scene with Dragon Lee from ”Clones”, but it makes no sense. Maybe the producers want to have an extra fight in it. After one original Dialog scene, a short part from the Dragon Lee Training Scene (He practice some Crane Arts) also from ”clones” suddenly appeared. But in ”Clones” Dragon has a schorter hair style. So Dragon’s Hair changed in minutes from long to schorter and back. Fun to watch.

      Some fight scenes from the final of ”Clones” were reused for the opening of the very unknown Dragon Lee film ”Muscle of the Dragon”.

      Did you see ”The blazing ninja”. A ”Cut & Paste” Joseph Lai film. All Bruce Lai / Chang il Do fight scenes from ”Enter the tree dragon’s” were cut in, with a new dub.

      Oh I remember a second film with Dragon Lee and Chang il Do. They played together in ”Bruce Lee’s Ways of Kung Fu”. But Chang don’t immitate Lee in this one.

      In ”Enter the three dragons” is a fight scene with Dragon Lee and a bald guy. This scene is used as Intro for the Dragon Lee film ”Enter the invincible Hero”.

      So, I hope some of these information are new for you.


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