The Clones Cast – The Chinese Stuntman (1982) – Ep #28

We are back baby! Vacation is over, and Matthew and Michael are talking about a stuntman….from China! Quick synopsis: A kung fu master becomes a stuntman for a famous actor and soon learns that the film’s producers are trying to arrange his death to cash in on an insurance policy. We get a little Jackie, a little Bruce, and even some Inosanto!

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2 Replies to “The Clones Cast – The Chinese Stuntman (1982) – Ep #28

  1. One of my favorite Ho Chung Tao movies too.Especially the egg kicking scene,I thought that was cool,I only wished that they would have expanded more on the kick train with his buddy. Guru Dan fighting John scene,you had the Guru Dan backflip that wasn’t Guru Dan LOL!!!!!!

  2. Hey guys! Andrew from Chicago here. So glad you could get to this one. I know I sound like a broken record, but any chance you can do Deadly Strike in the neat future? Much love goes out to you for this podcast. I know this sounds stupid, but I finally feel I found a podcast worth subscribing to. I am reliving some great moments of my childhood here! Thanks again!

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