The Clones Cast – No Retreat, No Surrender (1986)

No Retreat, No Surrender (1986)

Matthew and Michael talk Karate, the ghost of Bruce, hilarious fat kids, breakin’, JCVD, you name it. Have a listen as we cover No Retreat, No Surrender.

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2 Replies to “The Clones Cast – No Retreat, No Surrender (1986)

  1. Hi Guys,

    You didn’t get many massages for some time, so I leave you one. You two still made a great job for this special genre. Because in my youth there was a time, where only few films were available on dvd and the most vhs releases were hard to get. Also I couldn’t find many informations about those films. Nobody was really interested in those kind of films, because they were rip offs. For me, that made the whole genre more interesting. And now Bruceploitation lives up more than ever and get finally the attention it deserves. Thanks to you.

    I have a little wish. First It’s great your next podcast is about “Fist of Fury 2” because for me it is the best sequel to the first one, even better than the official one “The New Fist Of Fury”. There are some actors from the original (like the teacher a. K.a. Chin Wu Shool leader), we see the inside chin wu school and it looks pretty much the same as in the original and Bruce Li is at his finest. The film has a great atmosphere, like in the original… It’s on the spot and feels like a real sequell.

    My wish.. I would like to hear in the future a podcast about two films with many similarities. And Matthew will like it. They both about a special Bruce Lee Book. One has the “Bruce Lee Jeed Kune Do” Book, the other “The Bruce Lee Jiu Jitzu Book”. Both are with Jack Lee. The clone in the first one is Bruce Le, the clone in the other Rey Malonzo. I think Michael knows them.

    Marco (The German Guy)

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