The Clones Cast – Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge – Ep #9

Bruce Le is back, and this time he is brucing it more than he Bruced before. This is a retelling of “Fist of Fury”. Have a listen as Michael and Matthew compare notes.

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2 Replies to “The Clones Cast – Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge – Ep #9

  1. Hi Guys,
    Here’s Marco from Germany again. Thanks , that you answered my last question. I have now another question. Bruce Li, Bruce Le and Bruce Liang/Leung make some films in their career, with no connection to the Bruceploitation Genre. Bruce Leung was a part of only one Bruceploitation movie (The Dragon lives again). In his other movies like ”Hong Kong Superman” and ”My Kung Fu 12 Kicks” he plays his own characters. The only connection to the Bruceploitation Genre is, that he use in all his films the pseudonym ”Bruce Leung / Liang”. Bruce Li acted in films like ”The Gold Connection” or ”The chinese stuntman”. And Bruce Le in ”Return of the red Tiger’, ”Challenge of the Tiger” and ”Black Spot”. In these films they played totally different characters and not Bruce-Lee-Like characters. Do you count these movies to the Bruceploitation Genre?

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