The Clones Cast – Bruce Lee in New Guinea (1978)

Bruce Lee in New Guinea (1978)

Michael and Matthew take a guest (Chris from on a magical trip to an island off of New Guinea where chinese people dress in funny outfits and throw snakes at each other, oh, and there is a gorilla, and a hot babe.

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One Reply to “The Clones Cast – Bruce Lee in New Guinea (1978)”

  1. Hi guys,

    I have two answers for two questions, which were asked in the last episode + an extra mention about ”snakes” in Bruceploitation

    1. The first question was if there is any other film in which the Bruce chracter has a child besides of ”Bruce Lee In New Guinea”. I know only one other film: ”Cobra” with Steve Lee / Steven Lee (an indian guy also billed as Bruce Lei, real name is unknown). In that film he has a wife and a daughter . Some crooks trow the girl through a window and then she transforms into a puppet a falls down.

    2. The second question, was asked by your last gast chris. Besides of ”Bruce Strikes Back” a.k.a. ”Ninja Strikes Back”, there is another Bruceploitation film with Harold ”Oddjob” Sakata. The alternative longer version of ”The Chinese Stuntman”, released as ”Counter Attack”, has an extra scene in which Oddjob is hired to kill Bruce Li. In this scene ís a little Oddjob.

    3. When you talked about snakes, you missed a very trashy snake appearence. In ”Bruce, The Super Hero” Bruce Le fights Chiang Tao / Kong Tao and Tao has a goofy snake arm with a snake head. One of the craziest moments in Bruceploitation Cinema.

    Marco Deim (German Guy)

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