The Clones Cast – Bruce and the Shaolin Kung Fu

We have Bruce Le, James Nam, and a horde of other popular players. It is Kung Fu vs Karate, plus Katanas, plus Tai Kwan do, plus Bolo, and….you cannot make this stuff up. Have a listen.

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One Reply to “The Clones Cast – Bruce and the Shaolin Kung Fu”

  1. Hi Guys,
    I have an Idea. What if you would do a podcast about “Return of Fist of Fury” a.k.a. “Fist of Fury – New Part” with Bruce Pak (Kwak Mu Song) after your podcast about “Bruce and shaolin kung-fu part 2”? Because it’s the third part. I know the hole plot is very lame (The Brother of Bruce Le and the Brother of the Japanese General try to kill each other to revenge their brothers who killed each other before) and the film itself is not a good one… But it would complete this series.
    Much greater would it be, if you would make after that, episodes about “Fist of Fury 2” and “Fist of Fury 3” (The Bruce Li Ones).

    A complete “Fist of Fury” Series, like “The Games of Death”. (I know “New Fist of Fury” and “Last Fist of Fury” were done already.

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