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LGSI – Ep #18 – Studio Ghibli – When Marnie Was There

Matthew and Steven are joined once again by the marvellous Hermione Flavia of This time we get dewy eyed over Ghibli’s sort of last movie… at least for now, When Marnie Was There. We laugh, we cry, and we take the time to wonder whether troubled Anna and her ghostly bff Marnie have a little something going on after a rather romantic session in a rowboat. “I love you! I love you Marnie!”

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2 thoughts on “LGSI – Ep #18 – Studio Ghibli – When Marnie Was There”

  1. Dean says:

    I love you. I love you guys. That was a grand train wreck that I listened to. It was pure chaos. Serves me right for
    indulging in the podcast while drinking. Perhaps I should drink more. Seriously……This was a lot of fun. I think you covered all the possible readings of this film with precision. The visual beauty of the film reminds me of Vancouver Island. The story was quite sad but it had a hopeful ending with a decent amount of closure too. My favorite part of the movie is the scene at Marnie’s window. It’s overwhelmingly honest. Thanks for doing this series on studio Ghibli. I think the studio is very important for many reasons. I plan on listening in going forward.

    1. says:

      A grand train wreck is right. It was a lot of fun to record! Agreed on Ghibli’s importance, even their less celebrated / popular films are wonderful. Glad to hear you’re planning to stick with us.

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