LGSI – Ep #16 – Studio Ghibli – Howl’s Moving Castle

“Oh Sophie…” Howl’s Moving Castle takes on an entirely different (and somewhat inappropriate) meaning as Hermione Flavia of Wildfiremotionpictures.com joins the boys to discuss Miyazaki’s mind-blowing masterpiece of wizards, witches, wizened old ladies… and pole traveling princes. Listen in!

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2 Replies to “LGSI – Ep #16 – Studio Ghibli – Howl’s Moving Castle

  1. It seems that with some of these Ghibli films it’s very hard to nail down a time, place or era. “Howl’s” has an 1880’s feel to it but steam cars, flying machines, and magic exists. Funny “Monty Pythonesque ” structures wander about the countryside. These are the result of unhinged imagination. It’s beautiful and fortunate for the viewer. As a comparison,”Whisper of the Heart “is practical and real. Ghibli is limited by this but I still think it’s a great movie. I like it even more after seeing “Howl’s”.
    The confused plot didn’t bother me at all. Everything is so fantastical, it becomes legit without question. It’s easy to buy into.
    I agree that Howl is an interesting character in that he fits a hero archetype but he is kind of a sissy as well. I liked Sophie the best. She shows empathy and forgiveness at times( yeah, I know I’m typical). I noticed that she morphs in her age throughout the later part of the movie before she gains her youth again. No one really mentions it. I have only seen the dubbed version. Maybe other versions explain it. I like the fact that her hair remains gray when she gets young again. It was a nice touch. Calcipher and Turnip Head are great characters.
    The movie is all great but If I had a favorite part it would be the field, pond, and shooting stars. I don’t know that getting drunk is such a good idea for me. No telling what can happen. Maybe I’ll give it a go next viewing if my wife will join me.
    I liked the discussion very, very much even though you got off the rails a bit. It made me think of other possibilities that I was not aware of in the movie. I won’t elaborate. You guys are great and funny. Hermione adds some class to the podcast.
    I just gave Porco Rosso a watch. If you haven’t yet, please do so. There is some extraordinary scenes and characters to be enjoyed. Real airplanes too!

    1. Hi Dean, so glad you enjoyed the movie and the podcast. We certainly did go off the rails. If you stick around for our upcoming When Marnie Was There podcast (it’s the next next one) you’ll hear just how far off the rails we really went. I did try and keep some decorum. Agreed Hermione is great.

      Howl’s certainly is a very special film. I love the ageing / de-ageing thing too. No, it isn’t ever explained in the original Japanese either. I always just related it to her having emotional moments to do with Howl and that somehow counteracting the spell. So nice that we have the same favourite scene. Good luck if you go for a drunk viewing. Yes, I have seen Porco Rosso. Wonderful film! It’s not in this series of podcasts, but it’s a great, maybe slightly under-appreciated Miyazaki movie.

      Anyway, thanks for the feedback, it’s lovely to hear from you.

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