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LGSI – Ep #15 – Studio Ghibli – Whisper of the Heart

The only film directed by Yoshifumi Kondo, Miyazaki’s apprentice, is a heartfelt coming of age romance with tinges of fantasy. Is this an under-seen gem within the Ghibli cannon, or a slight teen drama unworthy of the great studio? And what does a famous John Denver song have to do with it all anyway? Matthew and Steven are joined by the very charming Hermione Flavia of to discuss.

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4 thoughts on “LGSI – Ep #15 – Studio Ghibli – Whisper of the Heart”

  1. Dean says:

    Just saw this movie a week ago. I expected to see a Ghibli movie and that’s what I got. It has lots a magical moments. The clock, the ending, the offbeat jam session, and the awkward “Macross-like” relationship with the teens is really good. I like the panoramic view of the city and the clutter of her house. Much attention to detail. Nice discussion from the panel. I suppose I don’t like The John Denver song too much.

    1. says:

      Glad you enjoyed it and our discussion. Agreed it is most certainly a Ghibli movie, just not one of the epic ones.

      1. Dean says:

        It’s time to finally give “Howl’s” a spin.

        1. says:

          Totally worth it I would say. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

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