Godless Review: Gore and Revenge in the Old West. Thank You Netflix!

When I first started my binge of Godless I saw Jeff Daniels on the screen and said, “Shit, I am so sick of him.” By the end, I was like, “Jeff Daniels is fucking awesome”. This also stars my future wife, Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey) who kept me going despite my initial complaint.

Written and directed by Scott Frank, who knows how to write the most badass stuff. This is what the future of the western has finally evolved to:  lots of head shots, murder, blood, gore, sexy ladies, unpredictability. It is essentially a revenge flick, some dude stole his gang’s money and he is hiding out on a farm hoping for the best. It is way better than that though. They invested in every character, great backstories, I actually gave a shit. Terrific pacing, scenes of extreme violence between scenes of beauty and introspection. It ends with a BEAUTIFUL bloody finale. Well worth your time!


Matthew Whitaker

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