Could ‘The Bold Type’ Be Your New Favourite Show About Sex and Female Empowerment? Find out more!

The Bold Type is a new show, now available on Amazon Prime Video, that you might just want to check out (You do!). All 10 episodes are there waiting for you.

The show is about three hot, young, intelligent women working at a fashion magazine called Scarlett, that gives women advice that goes far beyond what shoes or mascara to wear. In many ways, The Bold Type plays like a younger, ultra-modern, (and classier?) version of Sex and the City. It’s funny, it’s sassy, and it’s all about female empowerment.

The three principle stars are Meghann Fahy as Sutton Brady, an assistant at Scarlett, who is having secret tryst with Richard Hunter (played by Sam Page), one of the magazine’s directors. Aisha Dee, as Kat Edison, the magazine’s social media director, who is the most overtly feminist of the girls, and who brings a more soulful and more political aspect to the show. Then there’s Jane Sloane, played by Katie Stevens, a newly promoted writer at Scarlett, who feels in over her head as she struggles to make an impression on the boss, Jacqueline Carlyle. Melora Hardin, who plays Carlyle imbues the seemingly spikey editor-in-chief with a soft and caring centre, which makes her the matriarchal centre of The Bold Type.

As you can see, the show offers up a group of smart, daring women, for viewers to latch on to, who are trying to make their way in an exciting, competitive environment. The Bold Type is a fun, sexy, and entirely relevant show about female empowerment, that is absolutely worth your time.