Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Baby Proof

The episode starts with Ash stuck in the creepy house of the dead woman that Ruby is pretending to be. His only company is a plump Scandinavian woman and Ruby’s demon son, who has a little chainsaw for a hand and so can only be an evil little version of one Ashley J. Williams.

More than anything Ash Vs Evil Dead is a show that knows what its fans want and gives it to them with gory aplomb. This often means that episodes play with elements familiar from the movie series. In his younger years, Ash has fought his own severed hand, and even multitude tiny versions of himself. Here he’s set upon by himself as a small child… in a dusty looking old house no less. There’s even a stuffed moose-head on the wall. Who’s laughing now? Well we are, for the most part.

Ash Vs Evil Dead has set incredibly high standards for itself when it comes to horror-comedy set pieces. In this season alone we’ve had a Deadite sperm bank employee hurling jizz bottles at Ash, and Ash getting trapped in a coffin, only to break free in the middle of the funeral with the deceased decapitated head worryingly placed against his crotch. As such, Ash being attacked by a toddler version of himself doesn’t quite measure up to the top notch nastiness we’ve witnesses so far. Although, the site of the terrible tyke crawling into a dead woman’s vagina and using her body for combat armour really isn’t something you see every day, even in the Evil Dead franchise. Ash’s method for imprisoning him within the woman’s body is… I’m just going to say ballsy and leave it at that.

One of the strongest points of Ash Vs Evil Dead is that the supporting cast get to have just as much fun as Ash. Here Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) gets her own perfect Evil Dead sequence. She’s hiding in Ash’s reinforced trailer, which is being attacked by Pablo, who has been turned into a Deadite. In the previous episode she was bitten on the leg by Pablo, and the wound has somehow been turned into his moustachioed mouth. In a fun twist she is able to harm Pablo by harming her own leg. It’s refreshing to see someone other than Ash being horribly tortured in such bizarre ways.

Ray Santiago, who plays Pablo, really gives his all as a Deadite. But it’s in the dream sequences, in which he communes with his brujo uncle, that he truly comes into his own. He looks permanently amazed and tripped out (which I suppose he is), and this gives his character an idiotic charm. The mark of a great show is the way in which the characters and their relationships grow over time. Pablo has changed most of all. By the end of the episode he has all the makings of a hero. He’s respected, desired and readier than ever to join the fight.

4 / 5

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