Adam McKay and Will Ferrell are Revisiting The Big Short with New Documentary

Writer and director may be best known for his comedies starring Will Ferrell, in particular Anchorman and its sequel, but perhaps his greatest achievement is winning an oscar for best adapted screenplay for the housing market crash drama, The Big Short. So, it’s not all that surprising that  he’s going back to that particular well for a new, as yet untitled docuseries that’s just been greenlit by Amazon. Will Ferrell (Elf) and Adam Davidson (co-founder of NPR’s Planet Money) are also involved.

“Adam Davidson is one of the more brilliant and funny minds out there,” said McKay. “After collaborating with him on The Big Short I jumped at the chance to continue trying to make economics and finance accessible to a wide audience.”

The series will be hosted by Kal Penn (Designated Survivor), and is intended to give viewers extraordinary insight into the global economy and its comedic eccentricities, all through a sardonic lens unique to McKay. According to amazon, Penn, former White House Associate Director of Public Engagement, will take viewers around the world to meet the geniuses, madmen and hucksters who make the decisions—and investments—that change our lives. From cryptocurrency and money laundering to death and corruption, the series will explore how money, greed and power affect our hyper-connected world.’

 “Look, I’m terrible at math and really good at sophomoric humour (that means dick jokes, kids!), so the idea that we can explore economics around the world by visiting places like a dildo factory in California piqued my interest,” said Penn. “To have an opportunity to explore the world while we combine the serious with the bizarre with Adam and Will is super exciting.”

The series is executive produced by Ferrell, McKay, Kevin MessickEli Holzman (Project RunwayAaron Saidman (Leah Remini: Scientology and the AftermathDeclassified: Untold Stories of American Spies) and Aliyah Silverstein (Hacking Robot), and produced by Intellectual Property Corporation and Gary Sanchez Productions. Davidson is a Co-Executive Producer, and Penn is a Consulting Producer.

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